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Will Levis Doubles Down On Eating Bananas Like A Lunatic, So Now It's Time To Just Give Him The Heisman

I blogged about my QB1 yesterday when this video started going viral and it's only growing. You know, I was confident in this team. I said it yesterday that you need to be a little crazy to be a great football player. Eating a banana like that is a lunatic move, no other way to put it. But I was convinced in winning like 9 games again. Now? Well, give me Bama in Atlanta for an undefeated matchup. Why? Look at how he doubled down. 

h/t KSR

“It just kind of came to me. I think I saw someone else do it on social media and people were overreacting about it, and I was like, oh, that probably won’t be too bad. So I did that one day. I was over at my girlfriend’s place, she had some bananas they were about to throw out and I was like, hold on, let me get some content out there,” he explained.

And the taste?

“It was good. It tasted like banana bread. It was pretty good.”

See it's just banana bread. Banana bread is delicious so what's the harm? But you see there's more to Will Levis than being a Division I starting quarterback and banana eating. 

The man has it all figured out! Can't blame him, he'll need to rest after making the NFL. Also talks about winning a national championship in there and I'm pretty sure I'm in love. That's before I see these passes from practice yesterday. 

Oh and the man knows how to operate Twitter. 

Get that banana money, Will. Also love the random find of best fruits to eat with the peel on. Need a lunatic at quarterback and looks like we got it. Time to win our first SEC East.