The Combat Scout Perk Is RUINING Warzone

After a month hiatus from Warzone, we finally hopped back on the sticks to test the Season 5 update! My full thoughts are included in the YouTube video above, plus the gameplay is featuring a Kar98k and XM4 loadout which is my preferred loadout for Season 5. My XM4 loadout can be found at the end of the video and my Kar98k build is in my description.

Right from my first drop, I could tell the new Combat Scout perk was broken in Warzone. Once you get shot from someone using this perk, your character will light up like you were hit with a snapshot. The person that shot you will have a full outline of where you are for a few seconds and you become live marked for his teammates. AKA once you take damage, good luck taking cover because the enemies just trying to wall-bang you. If they keep hitting you, you stay pinged. It's a never ending battle and it's not fun.

The ground loot for Season 5 is tough to use - the guns aren't the worst but the magazine sizes are very low - most of the guns have magazine sizes of 20 or less which makes it very tough to take out enemies.

It felt good to be back on Warzone, but the game doesn't have the same lust that it used to. Halo Infinite can't come soon enough.