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Ball Don't Lie: Penny Hired Rasheed Wallace As An Assistant Coach And I Hate How Damn Cool Memphis Is Now

This has been in the works for a couple of weeks and I still can't wrap my head around it. Memphis is too damn cool for my liking. Penny Hardaway, as much as I'll make fun of him, is just cool. There's no other way to put it. He's always been cool back to the Lil Penny days. Now you add Rasheed Wallace? Who doesn't love Sheed? He even won over Joey Crawford. The man gave us one of the greatest Barstool shirts and one of the greatest lines not just in sports, but in life. 

It's not even just Sheed, Penny also hired Larry Brown this offseason. Yep, that same Larry Brown that has been everywhere. Now you have those two on the bench with Jalen Duren and likely Emoni Bates there? 

What the hell just happened? Memphis shouldn't be this cool. They were cool maybe one year with Cal and D Rose. It's all on Penny now though. He needs to make the Tournament, something he hasn't done. He's had talent, even with James Wiseman leaving after three games. If he lands Bates to go with Duren and what they return with guys like Landers Nolley, there's no reason for them not to compete in the AAC. 

I do respect how Penny and Memphis just don't give a shit about the NCAA. The NCAA sent Memphis to the IARP - an independent group made up to hand down sanctions and review select cases. This all stems from James Wiseman and illegal benefits he received. You know if they end up good, Penny will run his mouth too. Hey, I'm for it. I always talk about how I want to hear shit talking so go ahead and do it Penny.

Sheed, Penny, Larry Brown, Jalen Duren and likely Emoni Bates playing at Memphis in a city where they fucking love the Memphis Tigers basketball team. They are borderline must watch every single game now. I just hope that we get at least one Sheed technical from the bench.