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A Great Reminder That Our Grandparents Were Much Cooler Than We Could Ever Be

Twitter is many things. An up to the second news source. A beacon for free speech (lol). An echo chamber. A cess pool. Depending on your viewpoint it's any one of or all of those things. 

But every once in a while you can come across a thread that's pretty awesome. Such as this one I found last week, that was posted two weeks ago, and continues to generate some really great stories.

Our grandparents. 

For some of us, that means "The Greatest Generation." For others, it's the generation that came here with only their name in hopes to give their kids and their kids' a chance at a better life. 

Either way, they were better than us, and selfless in every essence of the word. The last thing they were concerned about was themself, basically the complete opposite of today's generation's mindset. 

So reading these responses is equal parts eye-opening and depressing.

Here are some of the great ones-

This one's brutal

This one's gold

This one is directly out of Meet The Parents. Operation Ko Samui indeed. 

Jack talk Tai


I'd never heard of this before. Wild

"Home Children" - Home Children was the child migration scheme founded by Annie MacPherson in 1869, under which more than 100,000 children were sent from the United Kingdom to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa. The programme was largely discontinued in the 1930s, but not entirely terminated until the 1970s.

Boy ploughing at Dr. Barnardo's Industrial Farm, Russell, Manitoba, 1900. In 2010, the photo was reproduced on a Canadian postage stamp commemorating Home Children emigration.

Later research, beginning in the 1980s, exposed abuse and hardships of the relocated children. Australia apologised in 2009 for its involvement in the scheme. In February 2010 UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown made a formal apology to the families of children who suffered. Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney stated in 2009 that Canada would not apologise to child migrants, preferring to "recognize that sad period" in other ways

Those generations were just built different

This is awesome