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The News Is Depressing So Here Is Something Cool Happening In The World: Africa Is Building A Wall Of Trees Across The Continent

A good portion of this blogging job is digging through the internet looking for headlines to blog. The news always goes in cycles of suck. It's always shitty and depressing, but it sucks worse that normal at various times. This is one of those hard core suck periods. Delta Variants, violence in the cities, inflation, and most frequently this week...Afghanistan. Afghanistan is depressing and angering on so many levels that I can barely comprehend my own thoughts on it. Thankfully we have much more qualified people than me to write about it. 

I am an optimist by nature and I think it important to still appreciate the cool stories out there, especially in a period of hardcore suck. One of those things...the Great Wall Of Africa. More than twenty countries across the continent have gotten together and are building a giant forest that'll stretch from the Atlantic Ocean in the West all the way across to the Red Sea and Ethiopia

A lot of these countries have major problems. A few of them have dire problems with each other. Doesn't matter for this. An entire continent joining together to plant trees to push the Sahara back so they can all benefit from green jobs, farming, and an ecosystem that benefits the planet and the people. I mean that is goals. Even if someone out there was a climate change denier it would be hard to look at this and say "FUCK TREES". That'd be insane. Instead we just have a story that could be inspirational to other people in other parts of the world just buried under an endless news cycle of shitty things happening. Felt like a good time to share this

PS: Don't forget that we should also be filling giant holes in the Sahara with water to turn it into a grassland