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LaMelo Ball Doesn't Regret Skipping College To Play Overseas Because 'What The Fuck Is School' Anyways

I know people will hate on LaMelo for this, but he's 100% right. If you're at the level of talent of someone like LaMelo where your job is basketball and the goal is to get to the league, why worry about Algebra 101 for a semester? That's why I've always said college needs to have an athlete program. Add shit that matters to these big time players that are coming to campus for a year or two. Financial management, contract negotiation, brand management, all that good stuff that matters to pro athletes is what they should be learning in college. Hell, us idiots could even use some of that, especially financial management. Think about it, what majors truly and I mean truly matter? Whatever doctors need for pre-med, accountants, journalism at Kentucky,  computer science and like engineering. Basically just whatever it takes for me to stay alive and feel safe ideally. 

Also let's be honest, if LaMelo wanted to go to school he can go whenever he wants. His career was always going to be basketball. From when he was launching half court shots in AAU and trying to score 90 to when he went to Australia to obviously last year's NBA Draft. It paid off. He had the correct path. It's hard to argue with what he did considering he was the 2nd overall pick, Rookie of the Year and looks every bit as good as people who hate him don't want to be. 

I'm not even anti-college. I think it's awesome to get away from your parents, have a couple years to figure out how to act in society and talk to people. But the whole concept of needing a major to get a certain job and pay a shit ton of money is insane. Hell, I loved my experience at college and wouldn't change it but even I could admit how dumb it was. I was a journalism who spent years as a purchasing manager. That had nothing to do with journalism. And now even more with NIL we should have classes for athletes that are specific for them.  

I'm sure LaMelo will still catch hate for these comments but again he's right. There's no debate there. He did it differently, but it worked out.