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6,000 Beer Cans And A Pile Of Poop Is NOT What One Should Bury Their Own House In

NY Post- He turned it into a literal dump.

A tenant in the UK proved to be every landlord’s worst nightmare after leaving his apartment a revolting hoarder’s hellhole inundated with thousands of cans, rotting food — and a person-size mound of excrement.

“As soon as I walked through the door there were beer cans everywhere and the smell was terrible,” Freddie Gillium-Webb, 29, told Kennedy News of the landfill-evoking flat. The Hampshire native was the unfortunate soul tasked with cleaning up the puke-inducing property when the rude renter left after a year of not paying any rent.

That. Is. A lot. Of. Beer. Tweets. 

6,000 beer tweets to be exact. And that seems like it's the sad kind've beer tweet, ya know? Like if there's 6,000 beers in your apartment and much like the article says (time to gag) the toilet's never been flushed so the toilet is just 4 feet deep filled with feces and toilet I am going to assume that this guy DOES NOT have company over all too often. So basically that's just having 6,000 cold ones all by your lonesome which if we're being honest doesn't sound too fun, I've of course dranken alone from time to time yet nowhere near to THAT extent.

Also while we're here what's the actual point of being a hoarder? I feel like I need to dive into a bunch of hoarder documentaries to figure out what's going on inside their brains that they simply just refuse to take out the garbage. Seems like an easy task. Do 12 or so beer tweets in a night, maybe fall asleep right then and there but once you're awake you simply walk over to said beers cans to put 'em in the garbage then take the garbage out. Bing bang boom and before you know it you're house is back to normal and everyone goes home happy.