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It Seems Like Grocery Store Joe Should Have Gotten All Of His Tears Out About His Ex Girlfriend Before Going Back To The Same Beach They Got Together On

The big Bachelor in Paradise premiere was last night (shout out to Owen's Mixers for our dope new set for Cutting Stems):

As predicted, it was a mess. A little awkward, everyone was making out with each other night one, but the real intrigue came from - you probably didn't guess it - GROCERY STORE JOE!

Everyone loves him. Everyone. However, it sounds like he's not going to love anyone on Paradise until he gets over his ex, Kendall, who he also met and left with on a previous season of BIP. 

Here's a question: if you are heartbroken over a breakup, do you go back to the source of the love story in question, and try to recreate the same romance, with someone else? Kind of sounds like a horrible idea! Feels a little weird to still be in love with someone, but head on over to the very beach you first shared kisses with, to kiss someone else? Almost like he's trying to rewrite the entire narrative, and unsuccessfully forget all about this girl? I wonder if it will work! 

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