Belichick Getting His Pump on Should Strike Fear into the Hearts of the Football World

Remember the talk about how going 7-9 post Tom Brady was proof football had past Bill Belichick by? Or how his words from like 10 years ago that he wouldn't pull a Marv Levy and coach into his 70s were getting thrown back in his face? What about the rumors he was getting ready to retire. Or worse, reportedly interested in going back to the Giants, which is utter horseshit we've had to listen to every offseason seemingly forever, with zero basis to it. This is a good time to bring up the claptrap from this past offseason, how he's bitter because Mr. Kraft took away some of the absolute power GM Bill has ruled the draft with, and now he was being forced to operate a War Room by Committee like he's John Elway or somebody. 

Yeah. About all that. ...

Take a look at that workout warrior. Does that look like the face of a man who is mentally checking out? Because all I see is a driven, determined, laser-focused titan getting his mind, body and spirit ready for Revenge Tour 2021. Slapping those 25 pounder plates on the bar and ripping super sets. No spotter on those squats necessary. He's got this. He's jacked on protein powder, and when it comes to Leg Day, it's strictly:

Belichick 2021 is Clubber Lang, obsessively doing pull ups on a rusty pipe in a basement while the rest of football is doing ads for credit cards and appearing on The Muppet Show. He doesn't need to get the Eye of the Tiger back because he never lost it. I wouldn't be surprised if in this image, he's staring at a photo of Brady grabassing with Bruce Arians the way Clubber had one of that Paper Champion Balboa taped to his wall. That's the easiest comparison to make because it was the last time I've ever seen such intense thirst for revenge in another man's eyes. 

What's my prediction for this season? 

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