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We Stayed In The Most Haunted Hotel In San Antonio & Lived To Tell The Tale

So I don't think it's a secret that I don't like the paranormal world. Well, I take that back...I find it super interesting yet I really do NOT fuck with ghosts at all. The idea of ghosts scares the ever living shit out of me since frankly they are apparitions of dead people. And in the tune of that I try to stay away from places that tend to be "haunted" though I have no say over where we're staying when we travel for work. When I got our itinerary the other day I instantly googled the hotel just to see what it was like only for literally the first sentence to read that it was built in 1909. That's a bad sign, folks. REAL BAD sign.

Yet I figured I wasn't gonna go further into the whole haunted thing and google "St. Anthony Hotel Haunted" because I didn't want to scare myself even more. Once I checked in you could very much tell this place is practically fucking paradise for a ghost. Massively high ceilings. Paintings of dudes that very much looked like old war generals. Ballrooms. The old time elevators that 'DING!'. Ghost paradise confirmed.

The first night I got in fairly late so I just decided to pay my respects to the ghosts of San Antonio at the Alamo & grab some BBQ.

I even left my leftover BBQ on the table in my hotel room as a peace offering to the potential ghosts in case they got hungry because I HIGHLY doubt that they had BBQ that good back in their day. 

Eventually it was time for bed. I had to wake up at 4am yesterday to do something for a video so there was A LOT of pressure on me to get some shut-eye in this friggen place. Sadly I couldn't pull through and was up until 2:30am and, if were being honest, I heard things go bump in the night a grand total of two (2) times. The first probably happened around 11:30pm and it was just a quick "bum bum" and then the 2nd I'd say was around 12:30am which was like an odd & quick deep sounding screech. Totally wasn't weird at all. 

After my heavenly 1.5 hours of sleep as I was waiting in the lobby I said fuck it and did the google. Yup. Haunted as can be. Lady in Red which just simply sounds like the most creepy name possible. Some old ghost dude who rides the elevator to the 10th floor than disappears. A haunted Ballroom. This place had the whole nine. YET I'm happy to announce that we lived to tell the tale. 

Us: 1 Ghosts: 0