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A Padres Fan Ran Onto The Field And Pretended To Throw A Pitch From The Mound Before Getting Clobbered By Security

I'll say this, if you run on the field you're an ass. You hold up the game, you make it all about yourself, the players hate it, the broadcast won't even show it, and it just delays the entire game. At least this guy had a plan. Dressed in an old Padres jersey this guy decided he was gonna take a stroll on the field during the game. He runs out and security looks like they have no real interest in stopping him. Its like they had a "no hands on policy" or something. He runs along the first baseline and the security makes it seem like he has cooties. They don't want to touch him and kind of force him back onto the field. So he did what any baseball does when they're near the mound, they get on the rubber and pretend to throw a pitch. He holds up his index finger to Buster Posey at catcher almost to say "one more", by that time security has had enough of him and they move in. 

Guy took too long on the mound and didn't even get to fake throw the pitch before retreating behind the mound. He's not moving very fast, but neither was security. He taunts them like he's a bullfighter and the security is a bull and puts his hands on his hips and then tries to split 2 of them. They tackle him and take him down and it's goodnight for our guy. At least he had a plan, I'll say that. How many security guards are there in San Fran? They had like 3 people chasing him, cops just sitting on the side of the field waiting for him. In most cases you see a whole flock of security guards chasing after them, maybe the fans are so mellow in San Fran they treat them like dogs and let them tire themselves out. He had the perfect opportunity to make a fake pitch from the mound and he blew it. Gotta execute when you get up there man. Hope he enjoyed that night in jail and probably a lifetime ban from the park! Hope it was worth it!