Joey Gallo Says He Couldn't Pass Up Our 'Italian Stallions' Shirt And Bought One For Himself

(shout out Triggs for another unreal job with the design here)

Well that's certainly a top moment in my career. Just trying to picture Joey Gallo hopping in the Barstool store and buying our 'Italian Stallions' shirt of him and Anthony Rizzo. What a hero, a true Paisan. The store sold out of these in a matter of minutes and I had to hit up our merch team to frantically restock the shelves. Shout out to their heroic effort late night tonight. What an awesome moment. You know what else was awesome? This two run missile Gallo blasted into the second deck to give the Yankees a 2-1 lead on Monday. 

They'd win by that score thanks to Gerrit Cole and a great bullpen job. Great vibes all around right now, huge series with the Sox tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and buy a shirt. I love Italy.