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REAL GOOD NEWS: MLB Has Already Decided There Will Be Another Field Of Dreams Game Next August Between The Cubs & Reds

NBC Chicago - Major league sources confirmed the Reds will be the Cubs’ opponent in next year’s Fieldof Dreams game in Dyersville, Iowa, one year after MLB staged the highly successful inaugural game that featured White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson’s walkoff homer into the corn to beat the Yankees.

The plan, which has a few legal details left to iron out, calls for the Cubs and Reds to play at the Field of Dreams site Thursday, Aug. 11, take Friday off, and then conclude the three-game series Saturday and Sunday in Cincinnati, sources said.

First off I think it's pretty obvious that following the White Sox vs. Yankees game would suck so much. Anything less than two lead changes behind three ninth-inning home runs will be seen as a complete failure. So before we accept this bid I think the fanbase needs to agree that we're in an impossible position to be any better or more entertaining than the original. Don't get triggered when we lose by 7 runs and White Sox fans are trolling us from the Field of Dreams parking lot through the end of the regular season. That's part of the script right now. Lower your expectations drastically. 

Bigger picture though it's going to be absolute fucking chaos in Iowa next year. No disrespect to the Sox or Yankees fans that made their voyages but that field is smack dab in the middle of Cub country. You could argue they're some of the most passionate and wholesome Cubs fans on the planet. That's for a lot of reasons like WGN, proximity to Wrigley, the AAA team in Iowa and an insatiable thirst for wholesome faily sports programming amongst many other things. The important take away is that they love the Cubs and it’s going to come through next year on August 11th. That’s awesome for a lot of great people.

It’s a damn shame we’ll be serving up a giant shit burger for them to watch. As of right now the Chubs have dropped 12 straight and I think most of those have been by double digits. Somebody said yesterday they’re probably signing Corey Seager. I almost keeled over and died on the spot. This is a 65 win club for the next 24 months. If I’m wrong then I will be the happiest idiot around. But the team going to Iowa next year is probably going to be fairly below average. On the bright side we’ll be doing another barn burner. Red Line Radio is 1-0 and looking to get crooked.

Finally - the best news is that we get another weekend in Dubuque Iowa. They have more bars per capita than any city in the country. It’s like a religious experience for this of you that like to get shitty in a nice old fashioned tavern. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s 3 big nights on the Dubuque strip. At least we got that going for us which is nice.