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Let's All Join In Together To Wish Diletta Leotta A Happy 30th Birthday

Thankfully I'm on my game this year. You see a year ago we forgot to wish her a Happy Birthday and I wasn't going to let that slide again. 

Simply couldn't let that happen again, especially on her 30th birthday. Couldn't let that happen again when I blog about her quite a bit, because, well, pageviews are nice. Some people freak out on their 30th birthday when in actuality it doesn't matter. After you turn 21, they are all just numbers until you hit like 50. I never really got the freak out about turning a certain age. Sure you may seem like you need to grow up or figure some shit out in life, but everyone is in the same boat. As for Diletta? She seems to be doing just fine as one of the biggest soccer reporters in Italy. Won Euro 2020 and turned 30 the same summer. Not too shabby.