Riley Greene And Spencer Torkelson Are Going To Make The Tigers Contenders Sooner Than Later

I wrote a blog last week about the monster day that Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson had in double A a few days ago. While the centerpiece of that story was about Spencer Torkelson going insane 7 for 7 with 3 home runs in the doubleheader, I made sure to mention the impact that Riley Greene has had on that lineup and on the Tigers farm system as a whole. I’m gonna circle back around to him for this piece because Greene is having an unreal month in Eerie right now. Ironically enough, Riley Greene had actually been slumping a little bit until August. But since the calendar turned to the 8th month of the year, Riley Greene has been the hottest hitter in the minor leagues. his numbers this month are borderline hilarious. In 13 games in Erie, Riley Greene is 23 for 58 (that’s a .397 average) with 12 extra base hits and six home runs. That's good enough for a 1.255 OPS.

A.J. Hinch said yesterday that Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson will not be seeing a major league ball field in 2021. I get it, and to be honest, I support it. Riley Greene is 20 years old and Spencer Torkelson is playing his first year down in the minor leagues. There’s no need to rush things, especially when you have a team like the Tigers, who isn’t exactly playing for anything other than a potentially nice moral victory of second place to end the season. 

I have often said (and will continue to say) that you cannot give Al Avila praise for drafting top-five talent. I think it’s also fair to note that the development of Riley Greene has come along way smoother than a lot of people expected it too, and the organization deserves a lot of credit for that, as does Greene for just being an insane talent. He’s not going to get called up this year. Iff that’s going to be the case, then the best that he can keep doing down in the minor leagues is hit. That’s exactly what he’s been doing,  hitting, hitting, and hitting. The dude is en fuego, and he’s not even old enough to have his first drink yet.

BREAKING NEWS as I was writing this piece, but Spencer Torkelson, Riley Greene and Ryan Kreidler have all been promoted to Triple-A. Hold onto your butts.