Throwing Bread On The Roof Of A Neighbor's House To Attract Seagulls Because They Woke Up Your Young Children While Partying At Night Is Some Ruthless Shit

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What a completely fucked up yet perfectly acceptable move that was. As someone that has gone on vacation with kids, I know how much everything sucks. In fact it's not even a vacation. It's just a trip to someone else's house that makes everything harder since your little gremlins have to adjust to a new place full of shit that either can be broken by your kids or break your kids.

So when a group of 20-somethings party and wake up your young ones in the middle of the night, your already shitty trip somehow just got worse. To be honest, I have no problem with that because we were all young people that actually enjoyed life once upon a time. But once you ask for them to turn the music down and they ignore you, all bets are off. I don't care if something as delightful as The Beatles was playing either. Noise is noise for kids and if John Lennon were alive, he would call that group of partiers a bunch of cunts (John always had a way with words).

Which is why I love that this lady threw that bread on that roof because she didn't just ruin their hungover morning but she ruined their entire trip because those paupers of the sea are going to keep showing up every single day looking for some sweet carbs to shovel down their gullet while squawking like those dickheads in Nemo. 

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In addition to the constant fear of getting your hand pecked off by a garbage bird every time you leave the house, your house will be covered in more white than Pirate Simon's happy sock thanks to all the seagull shit all over the roof. But if you fuck with a family's sleep on vacation, you deserve every ounce of mental and physical anguish unleashed upon your soul.


Someone Who No Longer Enjoys Vacation Except For The Brief Time His Kids Are Actually Sleeping