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Ain't. No. Hobby. Fuck yes. I'm so happy man. We've obviously gotten to know Kiz really well over the years and there's nothing cooler than seeing a guy like him be the last one standing on a Sunday at a PGA Tour event. We've become friendly with the whole crew. Dewey, his large-ankled caddy, might legitimately be the nicest person in the world and of course his swing coach John Tillery (#TillGang) holds a special place in my heart. They're just great guys. I'm still kinda stunned Kiz got the win today. Not because I don't think he deserves it but because that leaderboard was PACKED. Kiz said it himself, standing on the 15th tee he thought there was no chance he was gonna win. Then all of a sudden he found himself in a 6-man playoff and it was anybody's game. All due respect to all the other elite golfers in that 6-man playoff but I'll take Kevin Kisner 100 times out of 100 in that spot. Sure he was 0-5 in career playoffs before today but everybody knows that Kiz is a match play assassin. He always thinks he's gonna win and that's what makes him great.

Kiz had an ok first playoff hole then on the second playoff hole (thanks to a heartbreaking birdie miss from Adam Scott on a four footer during the first) Kiz hit this shot 

And it was pretty much a wrap from there. Not sure I've ever seen the leg kick club twirl combination before but Kiz pulled it out at the perfect time. Boom. To within four feet and he drilled that putt for the win. That makes four PGA Tour victories for Mr. Kisner and he'll take home a cool 1.2 million dollars for his efforts this week in North Carolina. The guy is just incredibly good at golf which is somewhat stunning because he seems like just a regular guy. He is a regular guy but he just so happens to be outta this world at the game of golf. Congrats to Kiz and the whole team. Awesome win.

What a month for the #TillGang 

Oh and one last thing 

Do it, Stricker. Do it.