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Fernando Tatis Jr. Is Officially BACK....And Now Playing Right Field!

Finally the face of baseball is back. After missing a few weeks with yet another shoulder injury, Fernando Tatis Jr. has been activated by the Padres and is back on the field. But not the position we saw him at earlier this season, the Padres have him in the outfield now. He'll be making his first career start in the outfield on Sunday. It's perfect timing too because the Padres STINK right now. 10 games back of the Giants, losers of 4 in a row and only 4-6 in their last 10. Maybe Tatis Jr. provides a little spark and can get them going again. 

There are a few reasons he's out there. #1 they have plenty of guys who can play shortstop. While he was flashy and fun to watch he isn't a great defender at short. Tons of errors, like TONS. For now they have Jake Cronenworth there, can put Manny Machado there, can slide Adam Frazier there, they have shortstops if they want them. #2 reason he may be in the OF is to protect himself from himself. He's beaten himself up on the diamond and maybe moving him to he outfield will cut down on the injuries...he just has to watch out for the wall. And I know both shoulder injures this season to him were from swinging and sliding, but maybe they are thinking he'll be safer in the outfield and has a lesser chance to hurt himself. He can't be as bad defensively in the outfield as he was in the infield, right? Plus you can always slide him back into short if you need, but he can play all 3 positions out there and you get the bat back. I'm very excited to see him back and see what he can do in the outfield, we're due for at least one home run robbery from him, right? Has a chance to show off that arm now a little, too. Let's see what he can do and pray to god that he can finally stay healthy and keep that shoulder from popping out.