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Braves Manager Brian Snitker Was Literally Asleep in the Middle of a Game

Look, I get it. The Braves played until about 1:15 a.m. last night. The heat index in Washington, D.C. today got up to 98°. It’s been a long day for everyone on the Braves and Nats.

But when you’re probably the worst tactical manager in Major League Baseball, you simply can’t fall asleep during a game. Just can’t happen. The jokes write themselves. You can’t be asleep at the wheel and also actually asleep.

And while I do understand an old man being sleepy following a night where he probably got to bed at 3:00 or so, I can’t reconcile my manager sleeping during a game and then turning around and letting Will Smith blow another save. Being awake isn’t a monumental ask.

I’m not letting Rick Kranitz off the hook, either. He’s definitely asleep in that clip.

Somebody get Snit some damn coffee and maybe explain to him that he should use his good relief pitchers in high leverage situations instead of his bad ones while we’re at it. Just get your classic two birds, one stone scenario.