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I’ve Seen Enough, Name Justin Fields The Starter Right Now

Nothing to see here. Just the beginning of a new era in the NFL. The Bears are back. The hype is here. Justin Fields in his first debut just went out and completely tea bagged a bunch of 2nd stringers and undrafted free agents. If you think anything will compromise my ability to overreact to this performance than your dead fucking wrong. There’s zero chance anything stopping me from putting the Bears in the super bowl right now. That’s how this brain works.

In reality you know the entire world is going to call for Fields until he becomes the day 1 starter. This is how it works. He lights up the dolphins and now we all have some urgency. I don’t hate it. I don’t love it. Just name him the starter so we can get in with our lives. Whatever I just witnessed is the next great thing. Who knew it would be in a Bears uniform.

Elsewhere just do me a solid and don’t take it out on Dalton. He’s doing his best. It’s not his fault that the new guy is literally the hottest piece of ass this city has drafted in a long time. That doesn’t mean the Red Rocket is a bad guy. It just means we have every reason to be extremely horny for Justin Fields. Now make him the starter and let’s get on with our lives.