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Pumpkin Beer Season Is Here!

Fudio. Getty Images.


Look, I'm not giving up on Summer. In fact, I plan on drinking outside later this afternoon. But rules are rules, and calendars are calendars and for that reason, I must announce the news: Pumpkin beer season has officially begun!

I know it seems early, but if you don't get a head start on it, you'll be left behind, Eduardo. 

It all goes back to 2014 when I wrote this innocent enough blog on August 14th titled: "The Great Debate: Is It Too Early For Pumpkin Beer/Oktoberfests/Fall Beers to Be On Shelves?"



And then as if by the grace of the gods above, Uncle Chaps wrote a blog on August 14th 2017 asking the exact same question!



And from that moment on, we have officially declared August 14th as the date you can officially start drinking fall beers. "Turn on preseason football, load me up with nutmeg, and give me a good old fashioned cinnamon rim, my good bitch" is probably what Chaps would tell you.


I don't love the pumpkin spice artificial flavor, per se. I won't order a pumpkin spice late from Starbucks more than once this autumn. But pumpkin beers, Oktoberfest beers, dark amber fall brews, sign me up and spank my naughty ass after.

I know it's August, but don't let that get in the way of drinking what you love. Don't let society tell you what you can or can't do. It's the lions who rule the pridelands, not the sheep. If you want pumpkin, have a pumpkin. If you'd rather wait til college football kickoff, by all means, I understand. But riddle me this- why limit something good to a designated time frame? What if for some reason someone once decided chocolate should only be consumed during a 3 month window? Like, what if you were mocked for eating a brownie in July because "chocolate season" is supposed to be January-March? See what I mean? 

Time is a construct, and you only have one trip on this blue marble (that we know of), so don't let anyone tell you it's too early for pumpkin. You're too cute to live by someone else's rules. Namaste, and happy pumpkin season to all!