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Is The Dozen Trivia League Trying To Destroy Its Future Stars?

In a trivia season where a team has retired from the sport, and a cheater was suspended from the game - these are the league's most shocking storylines? Embarrassing! This looks like ATTACKING one of The Dozen Trivia Tournament's most valuable players, the future face of the league, the best in the office. 

Team Generation XYZ has lost their first two games of the season due to a stalling offense and self inflicted wounds. It's been a slow start, but the season is just getting started and so is Jake Marsh. We want to win now. It would feel great to be the #1 seed going into the season 2 tournament, but deep down all this team cares about is getting into the playoffs so we can raise the Jeff D. Lowe Commissioner's Trophy above our heads in a champagne shower. Keep doubting XYZ. We loved being a #9 seed last season.