I'm Feeling Great About Smashing QCP's Face To Pieces Next Friday Night

So QCP's dropped this "hype" video saying I'm gonna "get my shit rocked" by him. Pretty cute if you ask me. Audibly laughed when he yells "stupid!" very intimidating. It looks like he's getting for a modeling shoot, not to get in a fight. This is more of a video for him to show off how nice his muscles look than anything else. He definitely put this out and thought to himself Damn I look good. 

This is exactly the reason I wanted to fight him in the first place. It's the whole "look at me. Look how strong I am. Look how sexy my muscles are. Look how great my life is" influencer attitude that I despise. He can't go two minutes without taking his shirt off, buddy relax you don't need to skip rope shirtless, we get it you have abs. Some people have asked if I'm scared about all his muscles. The answer is no. If I was I wouldn't have agreed to fight up at his weight. Muscle like that doesn't mean shit in a fight. I'm ready to go. If the fight was tomorrow I am confident I would win. August 27th can't come soon enough. See you in Charleston. 

Also, what's the awful song playing in that video? Oh, wait it's a QCP original? He raps too?? Man, this kid can do it all! 

*except receive the top training possible from Beserkers

P.S This is a stacked card. I just had the pleasure of meeting Bobby Laing in the office. The dude is a legend, can't wait to watch him take care of Pacman after I wipe the floor with QCP. Make sure you pre-order the fights now at buyrnr.com