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Chef Donny Has the Dream Fight+ Pacman Jones and Bobby Laing

I am so excited for 2 weeks from today. For the first time since my fight in February, I will be attending a Rough N Rowdy to watch an awesome lineup of fights.

We got former Bengal Pacman Jones facing off against Bobby Laing, Supreme Patty vs Dancing Dan, and the fight I am most invested in Chef Donny vs some bum-ass cooking Tik Tokker.

I have been helping Donny train for his upcoming fight against Tik Tokker QCP. I was glad to get back involved in Rough N Rowdy and the fight game. It is a lot more fun to not be the guy fighting and just be a part of the fight camp. I don’t want to reveal too much about Donny's training but let's just say I cannot wait to watch this fight. 

I'm just going, to be honest, I am super jealous of Donny's fight. "Though Shalt Not Covet" but he's got an amazing fight and I'll tell you why. 

1.He gets to fight in front of a crowd. There will be a huge crowd at the Charlestown Coliseum and it's way more hype to be a gladiator fighting with the roar of the crowd. I fought in an empty casino (not complaining still cool) but his boys are going to be there making for a great atmosphere.

2. He gets to fight a Jacked Tik Tokker. All this Tik Tok drama and a new class of Tik Tok influencer got everyone sick that these people make millions of dollars just to steal dances from original creators and just try to look hot. QCP is a perfect guy that you just want to knock the fuck out. Some asshole fugazi guido that you can tell doesn't have any real friends to tell him he's being a weirdo in his Tik Toks. It's awesome because you can tell he's soft but he's jacked so when he gets his ass beat no one will feel bad you took advantage of a mental midget.

3. He will still get to enjoy the rest of Rough N Rowdy because he's not the main event. He can chill and booze and watch the amazing bouts right after him like Supreme Patty or Pacman Jones Vs Bobby Laing

That fight I cannot wait to watch. 

Today on the Yak Bobby joined and talked about all sorts of hype for the fight.

Pacman Jones even called in. It's going to be a bloodbath and I can't wait. 

Here's a video of Bobby Laing Fighting

And here's Pacman Jones fighting.