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It Looks Like We May Be Inching Closer To Isaiah Thomas Returning To The NBA

Maddie Meyer. Getty Images.

Apologies if you saw the thumbail of this blog and thought this might be Celts related. I just love the picture and it fit my overall thoughts on this subject. As you probably know, I'm still aboard the Isaiah Thomas hype train and have no plans of hopping off any time soon. I just blogged last week after he dropped 81 at Jamal Crawford's Pro Am that this man deserves to be on an NBA roster

The last time we saw him actually get consistent run in 2019-20, he put up 12.2/1.7/3.7 on 40/41% splits. That's before he was even healthy. Now that he is, it's very odd that he's still out there looking for a roster spot. There are absolutely players on rosters that are not as good as a healthy Isaiah. That's just a fact. I watched Jeff Teague play last season. I root for a team that currently has Carsen Edwards taking up a guaranteed roster spot. You cannot tell me there isn't a fit somewhere in the league for Isaiah, I refuse to believe it.

We know from Marc Stein that the Lakers are considering it, so I'll put them as one of the four teams. Isaiah also had this to say the other day about the Celts

which I mean come on. Play with my emotions more why don't you. We're talking about a 4th point guard spot right now for low money. It makes so much sense I'm not sure what Brad's hold up is. So let's throw them in there as well. That leaves 2 teams left. Who could they be? Well, looking around the NBA landscape there are some teams out there that could use some point guard depth in terms of a 3rd or 4th guard: Sixers, Nuggets, Mavericks, Rockets, Pistons, Thunder, Blazers, Timberwolves, and Suns just to name a few. 

At this point, it's a low risk move for any team. If now that he's healthy we see that with a legit opportunity Isaiah no longer can be effective, you can cut him. But if it works out? The reward is absolutely worth the risk. He may be 32, but he doesn't have your normal 32 year old miles on his legs. Again, look at those numbers with the Wizards in 40 appearances. That's good enough to warrant a depth spot for any team, whether they are a playoff contender or rebuilding. What does the best case scenario look like? Well this is what a healthy Isaiah did the last time he stepped foot on an NBA court 

I need that back in my life one way or another. Whether it's on the Celts or someone else. A healthy Isaiah is fun as shit to watch. Doesn't mean he's not without his flaws, but which end of the bench point guard doesn't have flaws? 

Hopefully it's only a matter of time before we get the Woj/Shams bomb that Isaiah has signed somewhere. Until then I'll continue to try and speak it into existence.