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The #1 Knockout Artist On Earth WILL Defend His Title In West Virginia LFG August 27th

If you don't know the name SHIZZAT DA RIZZAT by now, you certainly will on August 27th at RnR 15. For the uninitiated (fuck you) he's 1 of the greatest brawlers that Rough N' Rowdy has EVER seen, and he's got the all-time highlights to prove it too. 

SHIZZAT has been fighting with us since the very beginning and his flying mouthguard KO in front of a sold out Morgantown crowd at RnR 2 still gives me goosebumps every time I see it...

Giphy Images.

And the best part is he's just a calm casual country boy warrior, who just so happens to have 1 of the meanest right hooks you will ever fucking see. His KO at RnR 13 was so good it actually made me physically uncomfortable ringside because I thought he just paralyzed a guy, who also happened to be a top challenger available. Point being, SHIZZAT FUCKS. HARD.

Amazing dude and even better fighter, and truly a champion everyone can get behind whether you're from Coker Creek, TN or not. And while we're here talking about this legend, hey Demi Lovato what's your fucking deal! GO ON A DATE WITH THIS CHAMPION OF THE RING/LIFE! 

DO THE RIGHT THING DEMI! See you on August 27th for the Shizz KO Show…

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