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What If White Sox Dave Was Red Sox Dave?


So the good folks at Marvel decided to grace us with a cartoon series of the What If comic book on Disney+ that gets into some of the wildest hypothetical scenarios regarding some of our favorite super heroes. As is the case with all things Marvel, Robbie and I went into the basement to talk nerdy about it with a recap of episode 1 where Peggy Carter takes the super serum and becomes Agent Carter while scrawny ass Steve Rogers watches his destiny get fulfilled by his crush.

However since What If is only going to deal with one off scenarios that have no real impact on the longterm storyline of the MCU, Bob Fox and I are going to tackle some Barstool What Ifs to pass the time. KFC is going to join us as well since he is both a lowkey nerd and highkey Barstool historian. We will be answering Barstool What Ifs that we come up with as well as ones the Stoolies come up with and leave in our YouTube comments along the lines of these:

Anyway, our first batch of questions were what if White Sox Dave was Red Sox Dave? What if Sofia stayed with Barstool instead of Alex Cooper? And what if Ellie never got to do play by play for the Yankees games after those disgusting fans left their food out?

Watch the video above for our answers to these questions (the 37:30 mark) or listen on your favorite podcast site. A little spoiler on some of the results of the butterfly effects of these consequences: A lot of anal sex, Carrabis AKA White Sox Jared fighting Carl to the death, and the COVID-19 pandemic never happens.

P.S. Dave if you are reading this, I hope this doesn't get me #banned from the White Sox parade for any perceived slights. We are #SonsOfUribe brothers until the very end, even if this tweet felt like a dagger of fire going through my heart.