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It Turns Out An Axe Is The Perfect Weapon For A Road Rage Fight

Let this be a lesson to all the drivers out there to make sure you know who you are honking at because if your nemesis on the road is a shirtless dude with a manbun, there is a chance he may actually be packing a goddamn AXE and he has no reservations in throwing it like a motherfucking Hammer Brother.

I don't care how much this gif dates me, these dudes were the toughest video game villain in my life for years

That maniac had his pickaxe ready to throw so quick I'm convinced he drove with it on his lap, just waiting for someone to give him a reason to throw it and to be honest I'm happy he did. Fighting with your fists in the middle of the street puts you in danger of passing cars hitting you while pulling a gun on some asshole driver can escalate a typical road rage incident to a gunfight or a Grand Theft Auto scene where the guy holding the gun gets run over. 

Luckily, cooler heads prevailed in this video with a man throwing an axe and completely diffusing the situation. John Cena may play Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad but this shirtless young man is a real life peacemaker and should be recognized as such.

(I may have included that last part because he is actually a fucking lunatic and I don't want him throwing any axes at me).