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Last Night's Field Of Dreams Game Was An INSTANT Classic

I say this without embellishment: last night was one of the best regular season baseball games in a LONG time. Anyone who watched that games would agree. Instant classic, and that has nothing to do with the outcome of the event. The production was incredible top to bottom from Fox and aside from a kinda weird camera angle, there was nothing to complain about whatsoever. Both teams looked CLEAN, too. The Sox throwback uniforms were fire:

Look good, play good.

And ALL of the stars showed up too. Eloy, Judge, TA, Robert, Stanton, Abreu. Stud after stud did it big under the bright lights last night. Speaking of Eloy, that dude is gonna be a PROBLEM for the rest of the league:

Since his return, he's been one of the best hitters in baseball:

Just unreal the difference him and Lu make. 

The game had 8 bombs, late inning dramatics, ups, downs, and a LOT of eyeballs on the event.  There were rumors that it was the most watched regular season baseball game of all time circulating around the internet. No idea if that's true or not, but the whole country tuned in and the whole country got an unbelievable spectacle. The only person on the entire planet who didn't appreciate it was the queen of misery herself:


What an asshole. What a virtue signaling, hypocritical asshole. I won't direct most of my angst at her though; I'll direct my angst at the greasy gabagool Yankee fans in my mentions who called ballgame just a littttttttle bit too early last night:

https://twitter.com/BigSlick2389/status/1426019861864620033 --


Not going to bother embedding every tweet I got after Stanton's bomb, but it was a FUCK ton. But don't think for one second I forgot about that gangly, greasy, rat bastard Yankees "fan" Marty Mush:

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic from Barstool's house clowndick. A lot of you are probably asking why I'm acting like the White Sox won a playoff game, and it's because of this asshole. He decided to punch down on the White Sox and the White Sox fanbase YEARS ago for no reason. Just unprompted dig after unprompted dig. Knowing that that the White Sox were going to be really, really good come 2020-21, I decided to back pocket all of shit shit talk and make both his life and Yankees fans lives Hell when appropriate. Last night was that time. FUCK the Yankees and their fans. 

Most of you have seen my response to those fuckwads after last night's walk off already, but if you haven't, here it is:


That's what you greasy fucks get. Yes, I was balls deep in 3chi last night too. Sorry for partying or something. 

And to each and every Yankees fan who was telling me "IT WAS THE YANKEES B LINEUP . EVERYONE IS INJURED!!!"… you can be first in line to blow me. You know what the White Sox outfield was when these two teams played earlier in the year?

So fuck off. Yes, the Yankees are beat up. But the White Sox were every bit as beat up or worse when the Yankees swept them a few months back, so get the fuck out of my face with that excuse. Yankees fans CANNOT have it both ways. The White Sox gutted out an entire season's worth of bad injury luck. 44% of their starting lineup was out the vast majority of the season. Now they're healthy and beating the shit out of teams. Oh and their all star catcher is coming back soon too. 

The game was also fruitful for me in the gambling world, too. If you tailed me last night, you had a +2.2U night and were VERY close to a +5U night. Here were all of my bets:


A 4-4 night. $500 turned into $1100 personally. I have been NAILS with this team all season. I really do recommend tailing me, my Mash the Lefty exclusives play is back up to +25U YTD alone again. Let's make it a +30U season.

What a ballgame though. I speak for every last White Sox fan on the planet when I say this: we are afraid of NOBODY. Not a single team in the league. We know the White Sox have one of the very best rosters in baseball and can beat anyone on any given night, and in spite of him coughing up 2 long balls last night, I'm still ultra bullish on Hendriks. Going from Gio/Los/Lynn to Bummer/Kopech/Kimbrel/Hendriks will still be terrifying for opposing teams.

And the star power in the lineup? It showed up last night. TA, Abreu, Robert, Eloy etc. etc. etc. This team FUCKS. I cannot wait for Saturday. See everyone in Lot B. Impromptu tailgate. Let's do it all again. 

Chills on chills on chill. This video was incredible. I love this fucking team

See ya this weekend Sarah