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The Intro For The Field of Dreams Game Featuring Kevin Costner And All The Players Walking Out From The Field of Corn Was Absolutely Perfect

THAT....was fucking awesome. For a little bit I wasn't sure if Kevin Costner was ever going to stop walking around the outfield as they zoomed in on him and blasted dramatic music from the movie. I couldn't help but laugh at how dramatic they were making it. Then all of a sudden he looked out to the corn field and there came all the players. If you love baseball and didn't get chills from that then you have no heart beat. Instant goosebumps. Chills everywhere. What a cool moment for baseball, they really did such a good job with this. MLB does such a bad job with everything, but they nailed this. 

Costner is the fucking man. Anyway he has some zip left so I don't have to watch Andrew Heaney pitch?