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Justin Fields Is The Best Player On The Field Again Per Reports And At Some Point Nagy Needs To Just Start The Best Guy

I know I get excited about things. Sometimes I count Ws before the clock hits zero. I've thought that the girl I was seeing at a particular time was the one a few times in my life before reality set in. I am an optimist by nature. It's in my DNA. Having said all of that, even the biggest pessimist or cautious person in the world has to get rock hard reading these tweets from people attending Bears practices this training camp. 

And it's not just the media. We've seen comments from players and coaches on both sides of the ball. It's not hyperbole. Fields is wowing people seemingly every day. It's not apples to apples with circumstances with Dalton. Dalton is going with the 1s. He's going against the 1s. The O-line is all beat up. At some point though the NFL is supposed to be a meritocracy. The best players should play regardless of off-season promises, veteran status, or contract. Sounds as if it should AT LEAST be an open competition at this point. Maybe that will change if Fields rips up Miami on Saturday in the first preseason game...and with that sentence I almost want to hit the brakes because he hasn't even had a snap in a preseason game, but this isn't unprecedented. The Seahawks brought in Matt Flynn and Wilson just beat him out in camp and they've never looked back. The Bears might just have to do the same thing. If Fields is the best player at the position and gives you the best chance to win then you have to do it. It seems like the players want it, the media wants it, the fans want it, and Nagy should want it too. You'd think he would be on the hot seat at this point and that he wouldn't want to waste his last season with bullets in the gun. You wanna win, let Justin spin. 

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