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Zach Wilson Tells Everyone To STFU And R-E-L-A-X About His Training Camp Performance So Far

You may have heard, but Zach Wilson's training camp hasn't been amazing. He struggled in the Green-White scrimmage and then didn't make many improvements on Monday:

WFAN listeners have already called in and called him a bust:

Side note: I absolutely love that sports radio is still alive. Nothing better than listening to WFAN to get the pulse of the city.

Zach Wilson isn't very concerned about his performance. I'd even say he isn't concerned at all:

Perfect answer from MY quarterback of the future. Today's practice went a bit better:

He is slotted to play about a quarter on Saturday, so get ready for overreactions!

In other Jets news, Carl Lawson is playing amazing:

A bit concerning that Becton seemingly can't block him, but I'm positive vibes only when it comes to the Jets right now.