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The 1st Barstool Sportsbook In PA Is Now Open For Business & It Looks Like Heaven

Welcome to the fold, Hollywood York! And congratulations on being the very 1st Barstool Sportsbook in the Quaker State!!! This joint's less than 2 hours from one of my newly-found favorite cities of Philadelphia and looks like an absolute premiere Sportsbook. By my count I see 23 televisions just in that ONE Photo and I'm sure there's more. Now keep in mind I took remedial math in college when I transferred schools, but nonetheless I'm confident in the 23 there. 

Then there's the awesome Barstool motto's like "Lots of game left" and Viva signs all over to really brighten up the mood in there. Barstool's got a great vibe & that's what a hell of a lot of normal sportsbook's lack. Not ours! And of course I'd say the most important part of any sportsbook is the seating scenario. A sportsbook without exceptional seating is like a baseball game without a hot dog. Just doesn't work. And I gotta say I LOVE the seating at the new Hollywood York Barstool Sportsbook.

Those couches up front look BEYOND comfy and then I absolutely love the idea of those communal tables to chill at since most of the time you're gonna be at the Sportsbook with your buddies anyway. That's a rarity at a Sportsbook & should appear more often. Moral of the story: I gotta get my ass to this Sportsbook. If you happen to get there before me....Enjoy!!!!