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Is There Anything Cooler Than Hitting A Grand Slam Into The Corn On The Field Of Dreams Field? Probably Not.

The Yankees and White Sox get all the publicity for playing at the Field Of Dreams field tonight but there was already a game played at the site. The Chicago Aces took on the New York Dream in the "A Dream Fulfilled" game, a special U14 game that was coached by Alex Rodriguez and Frank Thomas. A cool little exhibition for some younger kids who get to play on arguably the most famous fictional baseball field ever. Must have been an awesome experience for these young kids. But the best part about the game was this kid for the Aces stepping up and absolutely hammering this pitch into the corn for a grand slam in the first. When I heard the bat hit the ball I thought I was watching a Shohei Ohtani highlight. The sound of that thing, and look how far it is. If balls are carrying like that than the big leaguers are going to have a lot of fun at the field. You can see the big league field behind this field, all the way out there in the corn and sure it's not going to be the same size as this field, but I have a feeling balls are going to flyyyyyy out into that corn. Have to love the no fence look too, just corn baby. Corn as far as the eye can see. But seriously on a baseball field what could be cooler than hitting a ball deep into the corn for a grand slam. It's a legit bucket list thing, maybe not for these kids on a U14 team, but anyone over the age of 25 has had a good cry while watching Field Of Dream and would kill for a chance to hit a dinger into the corn in Iowa. For sure a moment this kid won't forget. 

Speaking of games played at the Field Of Dreams site, the Starting 9 guys and Red Line Radio boys had their game there last week and released an awesome recap video of it all, pretty cool that some U14 kids could put a ball out on the field but Jared, Dallas, Carl, and WSD couldn't. Hmm.