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Barstool Backstage Episode 2 Featuring Loud Luxury

We're back with a fresh new episode of Barstool Backstage featuring breakthrough EDM duo Loud Luxury. 

If you've turned on the radio in the past two years, or stepped foot inside a bar or club, you've without a doubt heard their smash hit, "Body".

Their debut single smashed into the Top 10 in the US, their home country Canada, as well as the UK, and Australia.

And the story behind the song is really fascinating-

"Money was tight and we lived in a one-bedroom apartment which happened to be Charles Manson's old place in the '60s, basically eating oatmeal every day," they said. "Our main hustle was going on SoundCloud all day and messaging artists we were excited about to try and write music together."

They continue, "One of the artists we reached out to invited us to their showcase which just happened to be down the street from where we live in Hollywood so one night we went and checked it out. When we got there, we had the chance to check out the opening band that brando was a part of. We were so blown away by his voice and performance that we totally forgot to say hi to the artist we actually intended to go see. It was one of those moments where you heard someone's music and it just felt super right. There was this nagging feeling that we had to do something together."

After a flurry of back-and-forth emails with brando and his manager, Fedyk and Depace were finally able to sit down with the singer. "He showed us this track that he had called "Body On My" that was a hip-hop demo. It was much slower and we all agreed it was a bit silly because it was in this DJ Mustard, strip-club anthem vibe. However, we were always excited about his vocals on it so we took it home and basically flipped the whole idea on its head. As soon as we sped it up a bit and put more emotional chords under the track, it felt amazing." 

They've established credibility early on, being co-signed by monster artists like Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, and Martin Garrix. And for good reason. Aside from being extremely talented artists themselves, they're genuinely good people. Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace are both extremely down to Earth, and truly grateful for their success (both of which come across in our interview).

We discussed it in the interview, but the first time I heard "Body" I knew it was special. I reached out to my friend and somebody whose opinion I highly value, Randy Greenstein, part-owner of Big Night Entertainment and The Grand in Boston, to ask him if he'd heard "this song Body by Loud Luxury".

"I have them playing Grand in a few weeks" he quickly replied.


I quickly followed suit, booking them at my venue, FWD. 

Not only did they smash, but they couldn't have been more fun to hang out with pre-show and shoot the shit and drink with. The song only got bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and their success along with it. 

Fast forward a few years and they're still the same guys who would give their right arms for a Maple Leafs Stanley Cup, get excited hearing their music on the radio, and are totally aware just how much they're "living the life" right now.

They just released a new single in July via Armada, titled "Wasted" that delivers happy tones and feelings only, sonically. 

And this Friday they're dropping their highly anticipated second EP, Holiday Hills.

The new project is expected to include previously released songs like “Red Handed”, “Wasted” and “Lemons”.

Be sure to check it out.

They are and have been huge Stoolies for a while. You've seen them do Pizza Reviews with Dave

Chop it up with Marty Mush

And you'll be seeing more of them in the future. 

Big thanks to them, to Armada, and their team for the time. 

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