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NY Giants LB Blake Martinez Has A Better Pokémon Collection Than You

Alright that's it, Blake Martinez is officially my favorite NFL player. I recently saw this Tiktok of Blake Martinez and realized just how big of a Pokémon Nerd he is. I'm a Giants fan, so this was just icing on the cake.

I mean, just look at his Twitter bio:

I find it so funny how it's just stated "NYG LB #54 nfl" and then just 13 words about his collection/Pokémon cards. "Yeah, I'll hit-stick the shit out of you if run through the open A gap and then flex my Pokémon collection on your downed body." Just a baller move.

The obvious answer:

Giphy Images.

I would also accept:

Giphy Images.

Martinez has a legit Pokémon collection and claims that his collectibles are worth "easily hundreds of thousands of dollars."

Blake's main goal isn't met just yet. He wants to become the #1 card collector in the NFL.

I think he's well on the way…

The biggest question I'm wondering, is #54's Pokémon Go locker as impressive as his Pokémon card collection!?