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WATCH: Oklahoma Man Steals ATV, Leads Cops on Chase — While Handcuffed

WFLA — A handcuffed suspect bolted from authorities on a stolen ATV Tuesday, pushing the four-wheeler to its top speeds before wiping out in a muddy pool of water. 

Officers were placing the suspect in custody and got a set of handcuffs on him before he got loose, local law enforcement said, and fled into the woods.

The suspect then managed to steal a four-wheel ATV. One of the four-wheeler’s owners reportedly tried to chase him on another four-wheeler, but lost his trail.

Someone else spotted the four-wheeler, and a lengthy chase ensued, with the suspect zooming through long stretches of roadway in Edmond, an Oklahoma City suburb, and into Logan County – all while his hands were cuffed together.

This is one of those guys you just can't help but root for. I don't know what this man is accused of having done, but we operate under an innocent until proven guilty framework in this country and therefore the only thing he's guilty of so far is being a certified badass. If you can keep the cops at bay for that long on an ATV with the silver bracelets slapped on your wrists, you kind of deserve to get away, in my humble opinion.

I watched all 15 minutes of this thing and my guy is undeterred no matter the circumstances. Handcuffed? Fine. Asphalt? Great. Dirt road? Sure. He just keeps going.

There can't be a much more demoralizing feeling as a cop than watching the guy you were tasked with arresting speeding off in an ATV and looking like Dale Earnhardt while handcuffed. You failed in every aspect of your job and you have to just sit there and think about it as you're flying down the road after this guy.

Either fortunately or unfortunately — depending on your stance on objectively badass dudes leading cops on an ATV chase while handcuffed, which I think could go either way — this suspect was eventually apprehended after he veered off into a puddle of muddy water.

But they can never take this story from him.