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Prehistoric Neanderthal Cave Paintings Found In Spain And Unbiased Opinion They Suck

If you guys have followed me on twitter, this blog, or on dogwalk for a while then you know I am absolutely fascinated by old shit. Love it. How'd we get here, why we have the traditions we do, evolutionary biology, anthropology, Indiana Jones, all that shit. This stuff though...This pisses me off. This Neanderthal art story is in the NY Post, Daily Mail, Forbes, and basically every other aggregating news site is sucking this Neanderthal's dick like he was Neanderthal Norman Rockwell. That first one literally looks like it was a first grader's hand-traced turkey drawing, but he fucked it up. Like it was done by the fail Neanderthal son so you either have to sell it at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars to anonymous donors or thrown in the trash. Those are the only two options. It's not good enough for the fridge. If their art was worth keeping then we'd have more pieces than cave paintings that look like snot rockets. 

This is why we need to stop with this bullshit modern art movement where invisible art in is a museum and sells for thousands. Where a banana on a wall is sold for millions. This is the stuff that future generations will judge us by. It's a window into the time and after we kill ourselves with nukes and robots future generations will look back and say "well, these morons deserved to die out. Look what they regarded as "art"."...can't have that.