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Barstool Radio Throwback: Glenny Balls Just Can't Stop Touching His Laptop

In honor of Glenny's birthday today, Quigs reposted this old Barstool Radio clip from a couple of years ago. It makes me laugh every single time I see it. In my book, it's a top 3 moment in Barstool Radio history. I can't remember when else I genuinely laughed as hard as I did there. Glenny Balls just could not stop touching his laptop. The man was addicted to the sweet feel of that metal. Four separate times Dave said "Balls stop touching that laptop." And four separate times Balls immediately touched that laptop. "If you touch that computer again, you're out of here." And he touches it again like three seconds later. One of a kind. Happy birthday, Balls. Buy some Balls Beachwear in honor of his 25th. 


If I had to pick another moment to put up there as hardest I laughed during that show, I would say it's when General Smitty stormed in to yell at Dave after Office Manager Brett almost hit him with a paintball gun.