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Jorge Soler Was Asked About His Team's Starting Pitcher and Clearly Had No Idea Who He Was

Jorge Soler has been an Atlanta Brave for less than two weeks, so he's still getting adjusted to his new team and learning about all his teammates. Except for Drew Smyly, apparently, who Soler very clearly did not know when asked about him after the Braves' 3-2 win over the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday.

Smyly pitched six solid innings, allowing two earned runs on two hits, but Soler needed Braves translator Franco Garcia to remind him who exactly that was. He legitimately had no clue. Credit to Franco on the assist before Soler had to stand there for Lord knows how long trying to come up with who Drew Smyly is.

And you know what, that's fine. Soler has a 1.104 OPS and 190 wRC+ since he came over to the Braves. I don't give a shit if he knows who a single one of his teammates is as long as he keeps smacking the cover off the baseball. Just hit bombs.

Hopefully some of the teammates who obviously have not introduced themselves to Jorge go up to him in the clubhouse today and thank him for all the tanks he's been launching, so he at least has an idea of who his pitchers are next time he's asked. But again, that's on those guys. Jorge can do whatever the hell he wants.