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I'd Like To Clarify That This Larger Gentleman Fighting In A Hawaiian Shirt Is NOT ME

I've been getting a few tweets about this asking if this is me getting into a brawl outside of a tasty Wings Over Worcester. I can confirm that is NOT ME for 4 very rational reasons! 

#1- If I was ever outside a Wings Over I would not be fighting outside. I would be balls deep in some Cajun BBQ Boneless Wings, Crinkle cut fries, and bleu cheese. Every day I'm grateful that I transferred home from UAlbany since I wouldn't be here without transferring, but let me tell ya every day I'm also missing Wings Over Albany. That combo of grub I just mentioned was too fucking good. 

#2- That is NOT Balls Beachwear. This guy strictly wears Balls Beachwear nowadays and, frankly, I wouldn't be caught dead in a red/orange Hawaiian shirt. For some reason those colors have never vibed in my eyes when it comes to the beautiful game that is hawaiian shirts. Not to mention I really hope no one EVER gets into a fight in Balls Beachwear. I'd hope Balls Beachwear is bar fight-repellent.

#3- All fats aren't the same!!! Just cause that fella is a larger gentleman with similar dark hair & wearing a similar shirt to me doesn't automatically mean we are the same person. Real sad to us fats have to deal with that, ya know.

#4- I would absolutely get my ass KICKED in that fight. I do not fight whatsoever. Haven't been in a fight since 8th grade and in that very fight I stopped for a quick diet coke sip halfway through. I do gotta give my guy credit there though...he laid the wood in that brawl. I'd take him on my team any day of the week. That man needs to join the UFC.