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Brad Stevens Is Having A Flawless Offseason, Now He Lands Dennis Schroder On A 1 Year Deal

BRAD!!!!! He did it!!! This man is having himself a flawless first offseason as the boss of this team. Brad landed one of the best point guard options on the market and didn’t overextend himself. 

In fact, just seconds before that Woj bomb I took this picture of Brad saying something to Ime

Well I think we now have a decent idea what it might have been. The Celts got their veteran point guard the roster needed. Someone who can spot start if you have injuries, is a good bench scorer and decent playmaker. He obviously agreed to this deal knowing Smart is the starter which is even better. He’s on board.

Suddenly the Celts offseason doesn’t look so bad huh? This is why we trust Brad. He has a plan, and even if that plan is no other team wanting to pay a player so he falls into his lap, so be it. Brad hasn’t missed yet this offseason and it’s been beautiful to watch. Now let’s take care of the Nuggets tonight and have ourselves a Tuesday.