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McKayla Maroney's Original "Bitch Face" NFT Is Allegedly Going To Sell For 1 Million Dollars

McKayla Maroney is entering a new profession.

The 25-year-old gold medal-winning gymnast recently launched The McKayla Collection on the NFT marketplace OpenSea starting at 15 Ethereum (worth approximately $47,776). She thinks her auction will sell for over $1 million.

“There really has been a gap in sports and capturing iconic moments like that,” Maroney told TMZ Sports at Enso Art Gallery & Studio in Malibu, Calif. “And to put my meme out, I’m just so excited to do that because it’s something that meant a lot to me and it really changed my life.”

The listing includes digital art of Maroney’s “Not Impressed” meme made famous at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London after Maroney won a silver medal.

Someone's really about to pay a million dollars for a photo of McKayla Maroney's sour puss winning 2nd place on the Olympic stage, huh? What do we do with this after we spend a million dollars on it? Do we buy a super expensive digital frame, and display it in our home? Do we save it for years, and resell it in the future, hoping NFTs don't end up being a giant scam and its value increases? What will McKayla do with the extra cash? It's got to feel good to sell off a meme of your own face. I have a meme I want to sell off, but I don't want to disclose it at this time (I think people could steal it? who knows.) The NFT market is a mystery to me, Tommy Smokes was always my go-to guy when I had questions about it. Speaking of, I wonder if he's still doing selfies everyday?

Congrats to McKayla on her new venture. If she's right, and these standard "iconic memes" will be selling like this, I foresee a LOT of athletes jumping on this bandwagon. Another thing I just thought of - with these NFTs, what happens to, say, Getty Images? Do they lose money? What about NBC who broadcast this image in video form originally - do they get a cut? SO many questions, very little answers. All we know is that McKayla is capitalizing on her own likeness, no matter how overtly bratty and bitchy it looks.


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