If You Wanna Rank Up In Apex Legends, Then This Video Is For You

In this video above, I show all my PC Apex settings for Season 10. Since everyone is back on Apex, it's the perfect time to grind the ranked playlist with your squad. In a few days I've ranked up from Bronze IV to Silver II and we aren't stopping anytime soon. Also in this video, I explain the scoring system of ranked and how to make sure you're maximizing your points.

For reference, see this picture below:

In the YouTube video, I discuss how the maximum amount of kills/assists you'll be credited for is 6. This graphic illustrates the ranking system very well. Placement is MASSIVE - not only does it give you RP (placement points), but it also gives you a much greater multiplier for your kills and assists.

Note: It doesn't matter if you have 6 kills or 6 assists or any combination of the two. Once your COMBINED kills + assist hit 6, you will not be given anymore RP for further kills and assists. So once you frag out, it's so important to maximize your RP by trying to survive as long as possible and win if possible.

Going from a 6 kill/assist 2nd place to a 6 kill/assist win is the difference between 70 (yes 70!!!!) RP. 2nd place will give you 180 RP and a win with that same amount of kills = 250 RP. Ultimately, 250 is the maximum amount of points you can get per match.

Once you start ranking up to Silver and beyond, each game you play deducts points once you queue up. So getting out of Bronze is easy because you can't lose points. But after progressing past Bronze, you really have to be maximizing your wins and minimizing your losses as much as possible to hit the highest rank possible.

If you're first starting out on Apex, I would recommend starting with Bloodhound or Bangalore, as they are fairly easy legends to use. When you want to improve and really take your game to the next level, understanding each characters ability is KEY. That's why Seer is so OP (overpowered) right now. He's an easier character to use and his abilities basically give your entire team wall hacks so you can see exactly where enemies are pushing.

Having complimentary legends is key and working as a team is extremely important. Apex Legends is 3rd party central, so be careful when you decide to pick fights because another team is ALWAYS pushing you and following the sound of gunshots.

This is the first YouTube video of many that I'll be making on Apex Legends, so stay tuned!  Tweet me which Legends you want me to try and review!