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Athlete: This Little Kid Who Put The Jukes On His Mom To Run On The Field During FC Cincinnati's Game

On one hand, I sit here and say I can't believe this happened. How can you not be constantly paying attention to your kid during a game? This is especially true at TQL Stadium, where FC Cincinnati plays. There are seats that are basically field level that run along the benches and pretty easy to get onto the field without security paying attention. But on the other hand, as a dad, I sit here and say I get it. You're trying to enjoy 5 goddamn seconds to yourself before your kid acts like an asshole. Then you look like a dick for having to run onto the field and tackle the kid so he doesn't get run over. Really a lose-lose situation which is why you do anything possible to find a babysitter until you can trust a kid to sit there and watch a game. 

But that's not the point here. We're talking about the kid who is clearly an athlete in the making. That little dude was fucking flying man. Get that kid in FC Cincinnati's system right this second. We're desperate for a win and need to start building something here. He showed some speed, get him on the wing and let him push the pace damnit. I'll say this - not a great tackle from the mom at either football sport. No form in football, red card in futbol. Just atrocious form, but as a parent you do whatever the fuck you have to in order to wrangle your kid. 

Side note, if this kid was a few years older, you'd be asking for the cops. That's a BRUTAL ride home and you know you're just in deep shit. Nothing worse than walking in knowing you're screwed. I'd take my chances with the cops to let the parents calm down a little.