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My Name Is Ryan And I Am Addicted To Watching Justin Fields Practice Reps

I understand that Fields isn't the QB1 at the moment. I understand that it is August 9th and we haven't even seen Justin Fields in a preseason game yet. I understand the only clips that make it to the internet are the highlights. In the words of a former great Chicago Bear...donnnnnntttttt carrrrrrrrrrreeeeee. I want to be excited. I want to have fun. I am not going to let the past interfere with my enjoyment of the present or hope for the future. When Jimmy Graham get's up to the podium and says Fields is like Russell Wilson I am going to get Roman Swipes level excited. 

When he steps up and slings it with ease on time and on target it gets me gassed up. This was the first taste to hit the internet in a Bears uniform

Every day we seem to get a new one. Mid range game

Pat Mahomes shit

He's even making Javon Wims look good

And guys we've never heard of

Fellas….I am excited. If that is wrong I don't want to be right. The Bears have a quarterback and apparently he will be the starter sooner rather than later

Feels good to be excited again.