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Sad: Bam Margera Is Officially Suing The Cast Of Jackass For Kicking Him Off Of The New Movie

Source - Who’s the real jackass? According to Bam Margera — a skateboarder and television personality best known as one of the original stars of MTV’s “Jackass” series — he claims it’s the entities he’s now suing.

Margera, 41, filed a lawsuit on Monday against a number of names including longtime co-star Johnny Knoxville, director Spike Jonze and Paramount — alleging that he was wrongfully terminated from the forthcoming installment of the “Jackass” film franchise, “Jackass Forever” that’s out on Oct. 22, Variety reports.

Margera was axed last fall after allegedly testing positive for Adderall, which violated a “wellness agreement” he signed. News of him being canned became official in February.

I've written extensively about the downfall of Bam Margera and I can honestly say I'm not surprised. Him suing his ex-cast mates was the next logical step. The last act of a desperate man. A man who, by all accounts is and has been at the end of his rope for a while now. For those of you who don't remember, Bam was kicked off of Jackass 4 back in February for violating his contract...

Now he's clapping back by alleging the following...

The suit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Knoxville, Jonze and director Jeffrey Tremaine coerced Margera into signing the agreement during a stint in rehab in 2019 — and that he offered up his John Hancock without any opportunity to have it cleared by an attorney. The agreement stipulated that Margera undergo multiple daily drug tests, both scheduled and unscheduled, and take prescription medications. If he didn’t go along with it, Margera would be nixed from “Jackass Forever.”

^^Call me crazy but those seem like friends who care, not enemies who coerced him into signing an unfair contract. Maybe if Bam wasn't drunk all the time he'd realize that. Would I like to see him in the movie? Absolutely, but the fact of the matter is that Bam is an alcoholic and a liability not only to himself, but to every single person involved with that movie. 

Bam released the following statement in conjunction with filing his suit…

In a press release announcing the filing of the lawsuit, Margera said, “I am pissed-off, angry, hurt and shattered that Johnny [Knoxville], Jeff [Tremaine], Spike [Jonze] and the studios and producers ripped off my creativity, content, and stunts to make this movie, fired me without justification, and refuse to pay for my work; I created this franchise before any of these guys ever got involved.”

He continued, “My lawsuit isn’t just about compensation. It’s about treating people with mental health and addiction issues in an honest manner and not taking advantage of their disabilities to rip them off.”

It's sad because for me Bam is just as big a part of Jackass as anyone else. He's one of the originals. The problem is he's just really, really, sick. Addiction is a bitch, man. I sound like a broken record but hopefully Bam can get his shit together before it's too late. Now here's a compilation of the simpler times. Enjoy…