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Isaiah Thomas Dropping 81 While Wearing A Pair Of Kobe's Is The Latest Sign He Should Be On An NBA Roster


Look, everyone who clicked on this blog knows I'm an Isaiah guy. Always was, always will be. It dates back to the epic step back he made to beat UofA (go Devils) way back in his Pac 10 days at Washington

and then it grew even more when he single handedly sped us the Celtics post Big 3 rebuild. Since that epic run in 2016-17, Isaiah hasn't looked like himself, and as a result wasn't exactly an NBA caliber player. But then he got the hip surgery and is finally healthy. I know the whole Pro Am thing is to be taken with a grain of salt (even though a ton of NBA players play in Jamal Crawford's event) but listen. 81 points is 81 points. That shit is impressive I don't care what you say. Be a hater if you want, but for those of us still on the Isaiah bandwagon you just love to see it. If he's truly healthy, which he certainly looks in that video, I cannot imagine there isn't a spot for him on ANY second unit. 

It doesn't just have to be my beloved Celts either despite their need for a veteran point guard. He really wasn't even all that bad in his 40 appearances in 2019-20. He put up 12/3 on 40/41% splits with 2.0 3PM. We saw him play just 3 games last year for the Pelicans and I'm sorry but you look at some guys at the end of these benches and you can't tell me they are better than a healthy Isaiah. I refuse to believe it because I can see what my eyes are telling me. 

Anyone who knows Isaiah story will agree, it's impossible to not root for the guy. The thing is, he can actually still play. Especially now that he's 100% healthy. Sure he may have his limitations defensively, but he's certainly not the only player in the NBA you could say that about. I guess is we see him added to a roster at some point this season, and that day will not only be awesome, but rightfully deserved.