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Let Season II Begin: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Today's Stool Streams LXII, Live at 4:30 PM ET

Welcome back to Stool Streams Stadium, where it is a FRESH SLATE in the Table Tennis world. With last week's tournament in the rearview mirror, medals and titles have been awarded (Gold: Jake Marsh, Silver: Jack McCarthy, Bronze: Commissioner Henry Lockwood). But now, it's time for a reset. The road to the Season II title begins NOW, and we have three awesome rematches inside the Triple S for you today. 

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Match 1 - Hank (19-14) vs. Jack McCarthy (9-5)

Series History: Jack leads 4-1

Storylines: Season II of Stool Streams table tennis begins with a rematch of two of our medalists from the Olympics. Jack McCarthy has been on the winning end of has last few battles with Hank, but today marks a clean slate for both competitors. Who will emerge victorious and start off 1-0 in Year 2?

Quotes to Remember: "I have to go back to the drawing board, have to develop a new strategy, the one I have been imploring hasn’t been working" - Hank

"I just think I'm much better than him." - Jack

Match 2 - Ben Mintz (10-9) vs. Marty Mush (1-6)

Series History: Ben Mintz leads series 2-21

Storylines: Whenever Ben Mintz and Marty Mush clash on the table, you can expect a WAR. You'll get long points, interesting noises, and intense rallies throughout the entirety of this one. Mintz took down Mush in the 8 vs. 9 matchup in last week's tournament, so can Mush flip the script this afternoon?

Quotes to Remember: "I thought I redeemed myself in the tourney, I feel like I'm gonna get my mojo back." - Ben

Marty did not return a request for an interview


Match 3 - Smitty (1-9) vs. Hubbs (6-13)

Series History: Hubbs leads overall series 2-0

Storylines: Smitty and Hubbs reunite in our finale today to hopefully award a lucky Stoolie the $500 Progressive Jackpot. Hubbs beat Smitty in the first round in last week's tournament, but Smitty wants revenge today. Will he get it?

Quotes to Remember: "The New York Yankees suck." - Smitty

"You literally just tune out his gimmicks, they will explode in his face, eventually he runs out of them, and he loses." - Hubbs