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The Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Official Fight Trailer Dropped And I Have Chills

There we have it folks! August 29th. Cleveland, Ohio, Showtime Boxing. PPV. Sponsored by the best Sportsbook in the world, the Barstool Sportsbook. Dave is gonna be apart of the broadcast. Big Cat is gonna be apart of the broadcast. 

Whether you like Jake Paul or hate him, he has done a phenomenal job creating buzz around his boxing career. Most of you hate him and want to see him lose but whether you’re rooting for him or against him, the PPV price posts the same. Is he gonna be doing McGregor or Mayweather type PPV numbers? Maybe if he wins a shit ton of fights but right now, of course not. Is he ready to take on legitimate championship caliber boxers/opponents? Highly doubt it. Do I think this fight is the most interesting and challenging bout so far? Absolutely yes. 

Tyron Woodley may have lost his last few fights but make no mistake about it he is no tomato can. He’s lost his last four fights but those losses are to literally the four best fighters in his former weight class in the UFC. Every guy that beat him is an absolute savage. Is Tyron Woodley technically a boxer by trade? No. But he has big time power in his hands and has worked with some of the better boxing coaches this country has to offer. 

The biggest misconception I see is about the quality of opponent Tyron Woodley is. He’s not a pro boxer by any means but he is definitely a higher caliber of fighter than most pro boxers would be facing in only their fourth professional bout. Nate Robinson was a tomato can. Ben Askren was a tomato can. This is a real deal fight. If Jake Paul beats Tyron Woodley and makes it look easy, he‘s the real deal. 

Jake Paul currently sits as a -152 favorite on the Barstool Sportsbook. That’s no accident. The oddsmakers believe in his skill as a boxer in this matchup and I do too. I’ll absolutely be betting Jake Paul to win and to win by KO/TKO when the bout is closer and we get odds on the props. The one thing I will admit is that Jake Paul‘s durability/chin is yet to be tested. This should be the matchup that does that. Tune in August 29th to find out.